Tuesday, October 11, 2011

World Amateur Chess Championship 2011

Aron finished 16th place out of 67 players with 5.5 / 9 points with 3 wins, 5 draws and a loss. He gain 14 rating points to his effort.

Below is his game on Round 8 which I found worth replaying.

1Bilguun Sumiya1976MGL43½39.5036½7
2Ozdemir Timur1956TUR74736.75416
3Alvarez Dager COL74535.00346
4Serra Azul Neto Francisco   1981BRA73831.7532½6
5Akshat Chandra1995IND5036.00376
6Ozveren Ali Bulent1952TUR46½32.7535½6
7Orak Ersin1961TUR46½32.75355
8Kuzenkov Alexander RUS3727.5025½6
9Sevin Ibrahim TUR648½31.75365
10Dominguez Miller1995COL64629.50336
11Pineda Arevalo Jose Ariel COL64026.00266
12Aslanhan Halis1782TUR638½26.50296
13Silva Jorge1986COL63625.00276
14Demirbas Fatih1735TUR633½21.5025½5
15Alahakoon Isuru1933SRI46½26.25305
16Aron Teh Eu Wen1825MAS4328.25263
17Prabajith Asela1820SRI41½21.50275
18Gokcen Fatih1963TUR40½26.2527½5
19Barantsev Oleg RUS3823.50234

Highest rating gain is Gulsoy Mustafa Alpago of Turkey (+42)
Lowest rating loss is Ismail Hany of Egypt (-57)


Captain Planet said...

Hi...thanks for joining my blog...i really appreciate it...nampaknya anda bagi comment tentang aron teh...saya pernah berlawan dengan dia semasa di OUG 2009 Christmas Rapid. He is a strong guy...keep up the good work

Captain Planet said...

saya baru review game teh...its very rare for 'lower rated player' below GM...that can think to build fortress in the first place...this is a gem indeed....thanks for sharing...maybe lepas nie saya nak posting pasal topik fortress aka BENTENG...gerakan yang jarang difikir komputer yang hanya melakukan 'the best move on board'

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